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I’ve always been driven by the energy of a story, whether I’m showcasing it through an article, a podcast, or by re-editing old videos to tell a new narrative.

I’m currently the content coordinator of ABC Arts. The focus of my role is repurposing moments from the organisation’s amazing bank of archival film and showcase them to new audiences.

My five-part iview series Reissue profiled defining moments in Australian pop culture, from the beats of the late 1950s to the ravers of the 1990s.

Having originally studied print, I’ve greatly broadened my skills since starting my career. I’ve taught myself audio and video editing which allowed me to now edit for ABC iview. I’m currently teaching myself how to film.

I’ve created a podcast analysing pop culture through a feminist lens – The Gladies – and have contributed to VICE, Renegade Collective, GQ, Radio National and ABC Online

I love offbeat voices, unusual perspectives, and eccentrics. I love big ideas, unrealistic goals, and overambitious travel plans.

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