Issue 11: Doing it for the Paper – Musings from the dilemma of working for love and money.

Issue 10: Hope for a Hero – Sometimes you don’t agree with everything your hero does.

Issue 9: Whispers that won’t Wait – The story of Mark who felt he lived a double life, having lost the capacity to feel emotions.

Issue 7: Smoke and Mirrors – The story of Yotam; an Israeli guy who travelled to Africa to decide on his sexuality, and returned home having to confess his new identity simply because it strays from what society considers the norm.

Issue 6: Her Second Smile – The abridged version of an interview I did with a prostitute that covers more her split personality than her occupation.

Issue 3: When Your Life is Death – An interview with a funeral director discussing her perception of death when it encompasses her nine to five.

Issue 2: iDollatry – An abridged version of an article about a man who fell in love with his sex doll.

FOR THE LOVE: articles I’ve written but not published

iDollisers – An article on the high-end silicone sex dolls and their owners, and one’s story on the true love he shares with his.

For Ana – An article on the online pro-anorexia communities with in-depth interviews from girls entrenched in the disease.

Monologue of a Voluntourist – An emotionally charged piece I wrote at 22 in the midst of writing my thesis; both the article and thesis were inspired by a stint voluntouring in South Africa.

The Guilt of Prosperity – Musings on whether those less fortunate are really that much happier without the material possessions we think bog us down so much, or if it’s a thought we meditate on to alleviate First World guilt.


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Sabbaba – Newtown

Ms. G’s – Potts Point

Lupitas – Surry Hills

The Devonshire – Surry Hills

Lotforty – Surry Hills

Jazz City Diner – Surry Hills

The Cut Bar & Grill – The Rocks

China Beach – Manly